Customizable Bracelets Inspired By Travel

Customizable Bracelets Inspired By Travel

Have you ever been somewhere in the world that opened your eyes to new experiences and people–and need a way to commemorate it?

There is no better way than with a customizable stacked bracelet, from The Color Stack. Whether it’s laser-engraving the longitude and latitude of a place that’s close to your heart, or maybe getting the postal code of the place you fell in love, there is a customizable option for every moment and idea you have.

Our goal at The Color Stack is to create a bracelet for every single moment. Whether that’s an amazing trip you took with your loved one’s many years ago, or an upcoming homecoming-game, there is a way to show what your memories or experiences mean to you. 

The Color Stack was founded because we wanted a way for you to show where you have been and what you want to become, on your wrist as beautiful enamel tile jewelry. There is no better way to never let those memories fade, than to immortalize them with a bracelet that you wear every single day! 



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