Gender Reveal Party and Ideas

Gender Reveal Party and Ideas

What better way to celebrate a pregnancy, than with a Gender Reveal Party. Letting all your friends and family share the intimate moment of finding out your child’s gender is very special. With that in mind, an enamel tile stacked bracelet is the perfect accessory for the celebration. 

As is popular with baby showers, everyone dons the color (pink, or blue) of the baby’s gender, after the mother and father see the colored smoke that signifies how the next 18 years of their lives are going to go. A primary stack bracelet is the perfect addition to the rest of your baby shower attire. 

Get it in a baby blue, or in a deep pink, as both can be done through purchasing customizable stacked enamel tile bracelets. If there is a bulk order, something can always be worked out, as we want you focusing on the fun of your gender reveal ideas, not on budget minutiae. At The Color Stack, we create jewelry to encapsulate memories. For every moment, there is a proper stacked bracelet for the moment. Remember this day forever with The Color Stack!



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