One of the most popular things at a Bar mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is the customized apparel. Whether it’s a blanket, a hoodie, or a water bottle, it is almost commonplace for the hosts to give out a goodie bag to their guests, with some type of customized item in it, commemorating the event. This has seemingly become associated with these events, so what better way to have your friends and family remember the day you became a man or woman, than with The Color Stack!

A customized stacked bracelet is perfect for the occasion. Get the colors done custom in whatever pattern or arrangement is their favorite. For instance, say they’re a huge New York Yankees Fan–why not give your guests blue and white pinstripe stacked bracelets with your name, their name and the date on them! Let’s say you’re a big fan of Frozen–no problem! Light blue stacked bracelets with pink and blonde colored accents are the perfect way to make everyone feel like Elsa, and remember how much fun they had with you.

Customized stacked jewelry is the perfect way to remember a moment. At The Color Stack, we work hard to create pieces that can encapsulate memories within them. The same way that looking at a picture can bring back the thoughts and feelings of when that picture was taken, a customized enamel tile stacked piece can do the exact same thing. Give a gift that kids will want to wear for years to come and get a set of customized stacked bracelets for your next event, with The Color Stack.



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