Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party


Whether it’s in Nashville, Cancun, or your backyard, your bachelorette party is a day that you will want to remember for the rest of your life. A way to celebrate your marriage with only your closest friends, what better way than to thank them for being in your life and taking this journey with you as well, than with The Color Stack and a piece of customized stacked enamel tile jewelry.

A customized piece can speak volumes about who you are and have your friends project that by wearing it. Whether it’s a solid primary stack bracelet of your single favorite color, or a more intricate, detailed pattern with engravings on it, we can make it happen for your bachelorette party. That way, for the rest of your life and theirs, everytime someone takes a peak at, or wears their customized enamel tile bracelet, they will remember the amazing night they had with you.

At The Color Stack, we are strong in our belief that there is a piece of jewelry for every moment in your life. Getting your friends a customized piece is a great way to thank you for all they have done for you. Whether it’s their name, your name, or an inside joke, get your favorite color engraved with any message. At The Color Stack, we enjoy creating these memories for you and yours!


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